Kan Jam


Kan Jam is an exciting outdoor game that is a blast to play with friends & family.

Here’s how it’s played:

  1. Objective: The goal of Kan Jam is to be the first team to reach an exact score of 21 points.
  2. Setup:
    • Set up your Kans (special containers) opposite from each other. The recommended distance between the Kans is 50 feet for both recreational and competitive play.
    • Form two teams, with each team consisting of two players.
    • Each team member stands behind their respective Kan on opposite sides of the playing area.
  3. Gameplay:
    • Teams take turns tossing a flying disc (similar to a frisbee) between the two Kans.
    • Points are scored based on where the disc hits or is deflected into the Kans.
    • Partners alternate between throwing and deflecting.
    • Teams must complete the same number of turns before the game is over, except when an “instant win” occurs.
    • Choosing to throw last is considered an advantage.
  4. Scoring:
    • Dinger (1 point): The deflector redirects the thrown disc and hits any part of the goal.
    • Deuce (2 points): The thrower hits the side of the goal unassisted by their partner.
    • Dunk (3 points): The deflector redirects the thrown disc, and it lands inside the goal (usually through the top).
    • Done Deal (21 points): The thrower lands the disc inside the goal, either through the front slot or unassisted by their partner through the top.
    • Interference (3 points): If an opponent interferes with play to defend the goal, the throwing team is awarded points.
  5. Winning and Tiebreaker:
    • The first team to score exactly 21 points wins.
    • In case of a tie, an overtime round is played, with each team competing once. The team with the most points wins.
  6. Instant Win: If the disc enters the “Instant Win” slot, the throwing team is declared the winner without the losing team receiving a “Last Toss” option.
  7. Where to Play: Kan Jam is perfect for the backyard, beach, park, or tailgate. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble, making it portable for any occasion.